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Stamp: $40.43USD

Wool dreads. Felted handmade dreads. Gentle-weight, comfy, easy to install and elevate away, versatile and pleased to make exercise of.
Fabricated from excessive quality merino wool.

Description and parts:

– coloration: ombre brown on peach, brown on cream beige blond, brown on lilac, brown on violet crimson beads, bones, bandage as a reward

– that you need to prefer measurement : forty five-50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches) 90-100 cm stay to remain
55-60 cm (21,6-23,6 inches) 110-120 cm stay to remain

– that you need to prefer DE or SE sort in „Number of Dreads“

– you’ll receive FREE random beads

For rotund head you want 60 DE dreads on this sctructure, whenever you occur to could fair enjoy shaved facets and abet 30-40 DE (40 DE whenever you occur to would love to enjoy colossal dreads volume). Most attention-grabbing shaved facets – 40-50 DE.

Please veil! Resulting from be conscious variations, proper colors could fair vary a miniature bit from what appears to be like to be on-line.
While it is probably going you’ll love to enjoy completely different colors, lengths, curly dreads, dreas with clips or it is probably going you’ll fair enjoy other wants in relation to the appears to be like of your dreads. I am continuously ecstatic to enjoy your attention-grabbing suggestions.

Please search info from a personalized recount and uncover me what you'd love!

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