Wool dreadlocks shades of brown and blond dreadlocks + braids + senegals boho viking vogue beads viking boho vogue stout pickle soft
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Place: $47.00USD

Wool double ended or single ended dreads
You need to perhaps perhaps well settle the volume and kind of dreads within the itemizing alternate choices

Lenght: forty five – 50 cm (17,7-19,6 inches)
50 – 60 cm (19,6-23,6 inches)

Thickness: 0.3-0.4 dash (0,7-1 cm)

– shades of brown and blond dreadlocks + braids + senegals

Whenever you need completely just a few dreadlocks as an accent – 5-15 DE (or 10 – 20 SE) dreads will be ample
Whenever likelihood is you’ll perhaps well have a mohawk – you need 30 – 40 DE ( or 40 – 50 SE ) dreads
Whenever you settle on dreads for stout head – you need 60 DE ( or 80 SE ) dreads

Wool dreads will be lightweight and gratified for your hair. You’ll be able to neglect about the discomfort that hair provides. Wool are soft and gratifying to the touch. You need to perhaps perhaps well freely bend, tangle and bind wool dreads.

Be wakeful!
Colours dreadlocks could perhaps well differ by 1-2 plenty, in diversified monitors settings.

Whenever that you simply must deliver a special quantity, dimension, and colors of dreadlocks, that you simply can quiz me about „Custom Expose “

Made with love to wool dreads ❤

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