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Impress: $59.00GBP

Region of x12 dreadlock extension pieces.

Made with Raw/Virgin 100% human hair, ethically sourced, which I’ve thoroughly deep cleaned and conditioned. Please note last pic of the hair in customary condition prior to I locked it up😊.

Elegant gleaming hair, with a gratifying wave to it. A warmth chocolate brown colour #4.

Roughly 9-10 inches lengthy.
x9 0.8mm thick
x3 0.7mm thick

Ready to crochet onto the ends of your existing locks.

Raw hair is ceaselessly regarded as one of the best quality hair as it hasn’t gone through the, infrequently, harsh processing therapy in the factory. It can most likely maybe well maybe additionally be dyed, and styled as you will your internet natural hair.
Please insist, despite the indisputable reality that the hair I’ve inclined has been decrease straight from the donor with out any processing prior to coming to me, I will’t guarantee it hasn’t been previously coloured prior to by the donor.
I most efficient pick hair in prime condition then but again, and anything else I cling would possibly perhaps maybe well perhaps be even somewhat broken, I don’t use 🙂

Any questions the least bit, please query 😊💜

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