6mm Chocolate Brown and White Fear Bead, Tribal Flower Impact, Handmade Polymer Clay Dreadlock Beads by The Fear Bead Store
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Trace: $7.95GBP

*****The Fear Bead Store******

★ Cramped chocolate brown and white Tribal Flower Fear Bead.

★ Graceful textured fetch, handmade and unfamiliar.

★ **Please NOTE** ~ this itemizing is for one trouble bead, settle how many you'd cherish!

★ Approximate Hole Size 6-7mm. Size approx 20mm.

This fetch is moreover available in a bigger 8mm Hole dimension and length, gaze here….


The Fear Bead Store ships WORLDWIDE from the UK. Concern postage charges for every nation.

In expose for you your items tracked, please make a choice the coolest postage likelihood on checkout.

***~~No extra fee for better than one merchandise……aquire even 100 and the postage designate will always be the identical!!~~***

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