A job of curly dreadlocks/braids. Crimson/crimson/violet/gentle red shades. + video tutorials and diagrams on straightforward methods to install the sets
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Save: $120.00USD

I'm pleased to possess you ever here! ❤️ For fogeys that're drawn to exploring something original with hair extensions, you've attain to the correct get 22 situation!

We offer a queer different to pure dreadlocks – synthetic dreadlocks. These attain in a diversity of colours and shades, thanks to the utilize of Kanekalon, which provides a tender texture. Whether you like single-ended (SE) or double-ended (DE) dreadlocks, or if you're into braids of any length, we've got you covered! Our risk comprises tender dreadlocks, dreadlocks with hooks, boho-trend dreadlocks, and draw more.

Moreover, we present the opportunity to rob a gawk at out wavy or curly dreadlocks. You are going to be in a blueprint to even opt for dreadlocks with loose ends to simulate pure hair. Our synthetic tender dreadlocks are designed to gawk and actually feel pure, being product of low-temperature Kanekalon and being lightweight. We prioritize quality Kanekalon to make certain the softness and sturdiness of our dreadlocks.

Here's what this role comprises:

Thickness: 0.6-0.8 mm (Truly be at liberty to resolve your most well-most trendy thickness by letting me know!)
Dimension: 20-21 inches (Customize the length to your liking by sending me a message!)
For a braid on the back of your neck, 20 double dreadlocks are ample. For fogeys that're going for a tubby role:

Thin hair: 40-50 DE
Thick hair: 60 DE
Please show camouflage that the processing time for this expose is 7-14 days.

Your health is foremost to us. For fogeys which possess gotten any cases linked to hair loss, we suppose avoiding Afro styling. Care and set up directions are repeatedly integrated. Build in mind that the hue would possibly maybe maybe furthermore differ a minute from the portray as a result of coloration adaptations on machine shows.

If it's your first time installing dreadlocks, actually be at liberty to attain out, and I'll handbook you on the correct process!

For these with skinny and broken-down hair, build in mind taking 10 items now not up to the advised tubby role. Undergo in mind, dreadlocks are now not meant to be tender and fluffy but reasonably possess a moderately stiff construction, typical of dreadlocks. Relaxation assured, the Kanekalon we utilize is non-toxic and gained't reason burns or reactions.

Please be conscious that decorations would possibly maybe maybe furthermore differ from these pictured, as I make jewelry without cost, and explicit items would possibly maybe maybe furthermore now not be on hand from the dealer.

Thanks for visiting my store! I eagerly await your orders, am initiating to any questions, and can fortunately acknowledge to each one.

With LOVE,

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