Caramel Brown Human Hair Loc Extensions I 50 Dreads or 100 Dreads Per Bundle
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Designate: $860.00HKD

These natural locs are hand-fabricated from 100% human hair and could additionally be dyed, bleached, curled, and twisted, together with reward: needles and comb

These dreadlock extensions will add extra quantity and length to natural locs. They’re made with the interlocking map by hand – a locking technique that produces a everlasting, sturdy and reusable dreadlock.


· Handmade and uncommon.
· Made with afro kinky 4a-4b textured hair.
· Interlocked loc extensions.
· Straightforward to set up with a crochet needle.
· Pure, tough in appearance, but delicate to the touch.
· Intellectual and smell ideal.
· Accessible in assorted shades and lengths.

Processing time:
It takes almost 3-5 enterprise days, except for for a holiday, reckoning on your picture's length, dimension, and quantity.

Transport time:

The transport roam is fast, and we most animated exhaust Particular Transport programs
Anticipated time frames are as follows:
United States: 5-6 days via UPS Particular or FedEx Particular
Canada: 5-7 days via UPS Particular or FedEx Particular
Europe: 5-7 days via UPS Particular or FedEx Particular


What number of locs reach in a single bundle?
Every bundle comprises 100 locs or 50 locs.

What is the locs width in inches?
The locs width is given here:
· Tiny dimension: 0.4 cm (smaller than pencil dimension)
· S-Medium: 0.6 cm (pencil dimension)
· Medium width: 0.8 cm (sharpie)

What number of locs will I could well like to duvet the total head?
It relies on the scale of your head and your hair thickness. For most other folks, 70 locs are enough to present them a full investigate cross-consult with a contemporary installation. In picture so that you just can exhaust these locs as extensions, rely your locs to make your mind up up an staunch quantity.

Why does it take a while to make your mind up up the locs?
The loc extensions are handmade, so it takes time to put up a custom picture to your specifics. Manufacturing of locs takes time, along with the transport time body.

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