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READY TO SHIP: Partial role of 15 double ended wool locs. This role would be most challenging standard as an accent to your unique locs, or installed at the nape for a gaze a boo loc type.

Declare 3 sets for a fat head of 45 double ended dreads.

Size: 15-20 inches, shoulder to mid-support

May perhaps perhaps perhaps furthermore honest furthermore be installed on hair 3″ or longer in any texture.

Wool dreads vary in thickness from pencil to sharpie measurement, between 7mm and 11mm.

Whenever you happen to're attracted to a fat role, or a customized stammer- fine message me! I'd be satisfied to effect you something special.

All sets are flippantly sprayed with main oils before transport to screen the vinegar that is former within the dyeing job. Whenever you happen to could have sensitivities to scents please enable us to understand within the occasion you space your stammer and we are able to now not spray your role when transport.

Every role is made by hand and thus could have tiny differences in coloration, decorations, and length could be +/- 1-2 inches than listed lengths. We create our most challenging to effect every role as finish as that you would possibly be imagine to the photos listed. Whenever you happen to’d admire photos despatched to you before transport, please contain a requirement within the notes to seller. As soon as you would possibly have accredited your role for us to ship there could be no returns, refunds, or exchanges.

Return Policy: Sets which had been installed/standard are now not eligible for return, refunds, or exchanges.

As these sets are made to stammer, we are satisfied to effect any changes you would possibly must your stammer. Examples: root coloration, explicit charms or décor, warmth vs. wintry tones. Please leave a prove to seller when inserting your stammer.

Whenever you happen to could have natural dreads, they’d also be installed a pair of varied systems. Compare out my Facebook page to seem how 🖤 https://fb.gaze/evXqgffp_I/
Whenever you happen to create now not have dreads they’d also be braided into your natural hair- check out this and varied tutorials on easy the correct scheme to wear them on my Facebook page ❤ https://fb.gaze/evXmMNVKX-/

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