Unique!!! DE  loose wave locks dreadlocks . curly synthetic dreads extensions . Synthetic dreadlocks
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Price: $64.90EUR

▪️Product tiny print:

•Form – crochet dreads loose wave locks
Choices: Double Ended (DE)
•Subject matter – synthetic hair
•Dimension DE -22-24inch
•Thickness – 0.5 cm

✨For total head You want – 50 -60 DE
✨In case it is probably going you’ll perhaps additionally bear shaved sides of the head – 40 DE
✨If You’re going to even bear gotten shaved support of the head – 40 DE
✨And if You’re going to even bear gotten shaved sides and support of the head You want – 30 DE

🌿Hair will be brushed. Curls are fixed.

🌿Curled cloth has a smal crochet dreads from the middle. That is where the dreadlocks are braided, and the quite loads of half stays a curl.
You would possibly be ready to braid to a size of hair from 7 -10 cm by the formulation of half-eight or scandinavian worship de dreads.

🌿This place is terribly comfortable and gentle-weight!

🌿Dreadlocks are reusable.

🌿Wants more care than the same old dreadlocks.

🌿Please, create now not dry your dreadlocks with a too hot hair dryer and beget it some distance flung from the fireside.

‼️ You’re going to even bear gotten two alternate options:‼️

💥If You want your hair to Seek worship comfortable fear , don't brush them, most effective separate curls with Your palms once a Day.
💥If You want them to Seek worship pure hair, brush them once, twice a week.

🫧 Wash your hair now not more than once a week.
🫧 Dilute shampoo in proportions of 1 (shampoo) to 10 (water)
🫧 Wearing interval from 4 to 6 weeks .
Max 8 weeks

🫧 Sooner than bedtime obligatorily tie Your hair in a braid.

🫧Curls would per chance presumably aid You longer, if You care about them better.

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