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Introducing our beautiful Dreadlocks Fleshy Location, good for folks that desire to contain a vivid and queer coiffure! These artificial dreadlocks are 20-22 inches (50-55 cm) lengthy. Fleshy position 50 DE dreads: 39 DE dreads sad, 10 DE dreads ombre sad – orange, 1 textured braid + scandy braids + RANDOM beads.
* you will most probably be ready to snort any shade from the palette – felony ship me a photograph with the marks. It’s seemingly you’ll per chance maybe add curls and textured braids

Please reward that attributable to variations in shade, the shades can also vary a limited by 1-2 tones, including an additional touch of individuality to your vogue.
To originate obvious a good match, here's a snappy guide: 1 DE (double volume) consists of two ends, whereas 1 SE (single volume) equals 1 live. For a beefy head installation, you'll steadily require 50-60 DE or 100-120 SE, depending for your hair's thickness. For these who prefer a partial installation, the lower segment of the head requires 20-40 DE, whereas the pinnacle calls for 25-30 DE.

Caring to your dreadlocks. Listed below are some very vital pointers:
🌸 Wash them 1 times per week the utilize of a shampoo-water combination (1:3 ratio) to dangle them neat and fresh.
🌸 It's urged to place on them for no better than 2 months sooner than pondering reinstallation.
🌸 Crafted from artificial hypoallergenic discipline cloth, they offer a safe and chuffed sporting skills.
🌸 For any discomfort or irritation, we counsel the utilize of a therapeutic ointment to appease your scalp.

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