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Introducing our gleaming Dreadlocks Paunchy Area, most interesting for those that opt to comprise a brilliant and ordinary coiffure! These synthetic dreadlocks are 20-22 inches (50-55 cm) long. Paunchy jam: 35 DE dreads + 15 double ended random textured braids. Mix color white, lilac, blue and mild-weight blue

Made with attention to detail, our crochet dreadlocks are mild-weight and tender to your scalp, providing a tickled sporting skills. The tender synthetic fibers mimic the texture of natural hair, giving you the liberty to experiment with a variety of hairstyles and with out danger blend them alongside with your gain hair.

Please gift that attributable to diversifications in color, the shades would maybe well furthermore differ somewhat by 1-2 tones, including a further touch of individuality to your kind.
To be certain a most interesting match, here's a immediate data: 1 DE (double volume) contains two ends, while 1 SE (single volume) equals 1 cease. For a fat head installation, you'll customarily require 50-60 DE or 100-120 SE, depending to your hair's thickness. As soon as you decide a partial installation, the lower half of the high requires 20-40 DE, while the high requires 25-30 DE.

Caring for your dreadlocks. Listed below are some major pointers:
🌸 Wash them 1 events per week the affirm of a shampoo-water mixture (1:3 ratio) to withhold them good and new.
🌸 It's advisable to wear them for no extra than 2 months sooner than focused on reinstallation.
🌸 Crafted from synthetic hypoallergenic enviornment cloth, they provide a gain and tickled sporting skills.
🌸 For any discomfort or irritation, we counsel the affirm of a healing ointment to assuage your scalp.

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