Dreadlock Extensions, Dusky Brown to Caramel Blonde Synth Dreads, Braids, Crochet Wrappy Faux Locs, Pure Model, SE, DE, Corpulent Fear Location
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Label: $68.61CAD

Cosy, soft synthetic dreads made with 100% kanekalon synthetic fiber.

Dreads are made to expose, if you would favor them by a particular date, please contact us to compose particular this will doubtless be doable!

You potentially can settle roots color, and what kinds of blonde shades that I take advantage of to compose them! Or I can merely compose a combination equal to above for you. 🙂

Even as you happen to may maybe perchance additionally obtain particular color requests please scoot away them in the display when buying or ship me a message to compose a personalized itemizing!

Resolve your quantity and length when buying – if you would favor something masses of, please message me!

Dreads are roughly pencil thick and taper to a point. You potentially can message me if you would favor a masses of thickness.

Hasty dread info:

These dreads are easy to set up by yourself or with a buddy. They may maybe perchance even be braided into your hair, there are many tutorials online to make it more uncomplicated to out! 🙂

Opt from single ended SE or double ended DE. Singles obtain a loop on the tip and a single cease, doubles fabricate not obtain any loop and two ends and may maybe perchance perchance give additional volume.

That you’ll want to aquire just a few dreads as an accent, or round 80 SE/40 DE for a median fleshy head set up. You may maybe perchance additionally need fabricate of looking on the thickness of your hair, shaved areas, and tons others.

These dreads may maybe perchance well even be gentle for several weeks at a time and may maybe perchance well even be gentle a pair of cases with somewhat little bit of easy repairs – some of my customers obtain gentle their dreads for years with nearly no additional care. They may maybe perchance even be gently washed and I can come up with care solutions if requested. Dreads may maybe perchance additionally need more care or resealing looking on styling, usage, enviromental prerequisites, and tons others. Contain the fuzzies! 🙂

Test out my facebook to secret agent some of my previous work, and hundreds buyer photography: www.facebook.com/kaleidoscopedreads

Message me with any masses of questions or requests, I’m consistently soft to help in any formulation I can! 🙂

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