SET No. 174 , Wool braids merino extensions dusky brown DREADLOCKS DE   22"  55 cm 10-60 items
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Ticket: $58.00EUR

Wool braids.
SET No. 174

It is doubtless you’ll perhaps be in a command to settle on within the alternatives what number of double-ended items you wish.
If you happen to occupy a mohawk – you wish 20-30 DE braids.
If you happen to pray to occupy braids for plump head – you wish 50-60 DE braids

22 inches (55 cm) – (DE: the whole braid from cease to cease: 44″ / 110 cm)

I will ship the bundle after comprise by FEDEX courier with the doubtless of tracking the bundle.
After sending, the bundle is dropped at any command on Earth in about 7-10 days.

Braids made with adore and attention to the smallest detail.
Made of the supreme quality wool from Polish merino wool.

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