Dreadlock Pink Neon Wrap Hair Bendable Accessories Pony-tail Hair Tie, Spiral Locks
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Designate: $11.99USD

Specific yourself with intelligent radiant spiral weave dread wraps. Our hair accessories could perhaps perchance be ragged with any selection of hair, bent in any jam and without wretchedness wrap hair without injury. The spiral weave holds dreads or thick hair in blueprint. Accessible in 5 sizes.


Sizes: all 1cm thick:
30cm = 12in prolonged for kiddie ponytails
40cm = 16in prolonged „mini-twirls“ are mighty for kids or skinny hair, Ample for partial tie-help.
50cm = 20in prolonged, mighty for shoulder length hair
60cm = 24in prolonged, finest for thick dreads or for wrapping dreads right into a mighty bun

All purchases are made to yelp and ship inner 7 to 14 days depending upon volume, query, quantity and mailing service. All mighty and relaxing! Distinctiveness shade combos upon quiz: team or faculty colors, mighty to express your sorority, fraternity, team or faculty.

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