Synthetic Dreadlocks – Gloomy to Aqua Ombre Quarter Swear of 10 SE – Pure Texture Microthin Dreadlock Extensions In Stock
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Designate: $35.00USD

Assemble you treasure the look of dreadlocks, however also treasure to proper yourself with ever altering hair?! Transient synth dreads are a hygienic, ethical, and relaxing technique to interchange up your type!

These are lengthy dreads, averaging 18″-20″, and micro gauge about the dia. of a pencil 5mm. These are single ended and save with a loop. Accurate weight is 3 oz. This is a nice, lightweight alternate suggestions for a happy carrying set up!

Single Ended: Lay very naturally. Even weight distribution with little hair sections. For ideal results, tell a latchook or bead loop for a seamless set up.

*Please utter that all hair product sales are closing. Returns on custom orders must not accredited, this is to offer protection to your smartly being and security! Compose obvious to get to grips with our store insurance policies sooner than ordering! Whenever it is probably going you’ll well well presumably also simply relish any questions, put up them sooner than ordering. We are elated to relieve!

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