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Payment: $80.00USD

Scrutinize a daring fusion of red and orange on this area of textured double dreads and braids. The interplay of brilliant colors and dynamic textures brings quantity and personality to your hair, making a inserting dispute of individual vogue. Contain the warmth and vitality of this distinctive color aggregate, preferrred for those that look a energetic and expressive hair ensemble.

Abilities the wonderful softness, lightness, and quantity of this area of double dreads.

Colors may possibly presumably well maybe fluctuate rather reckoning on color proportions throughout manufacturing.
Coloration: 350/orange-s/yellow-s
Type: crochet textured dreadlocks, braids
Thickness: 0.8 – 1.2 cm/0.3 – 0.5 budge
Size: same outdated 60 cm/24 budge
Self-discipline subject: kanekalon
Quantity: 50 double-ended dreads (Corpulent area)
Weight: 420g
In uncover for you you may possibly presumably well maybe settle any color and quantity of this area. Write to me your color wants and I will level to you all conceivable genuine shades.

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