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Worth: $47.00USD

Develop to be your hairstyle accurate into a ordinary work of work with our wool dreads! Fabricated from high-quality wool, these dreadlock extensions are ideal for somebody taking a leer so that you just can add some texture and depth to their locks.

📏 It is probably going you’ll well also resolve dimension:
• Forty five-50 cm
• 55-60 cm

🌈 Colours:
darkish blonde and powder color dreads + wrapped dreads and beads

DE – double ended dreads. And this is a correct need once you fancy to hope to glean big dreads.
SE – single ended dreads. Most regularly declare as extensions to exact dreads, or for elegant hair

Plump head: 60 DE or 70 SE
Shaved aspects and encourage : 25-35 DE or 35-Forty five SE
Shaved aspects : Forty five-50 DE or 50-60 SE
For accents : 5-10 DE or 5-15 SE

💎 As a present with the aquire of 10 or extra dreadlocks, a storage accumulate for dreadlocks will be incorporated.

The pure feel and leer of wool will give your hair a bohemian, rustic vibe that is ideal for any occasion, whether it's a track competition, a evening out with chums, or simply everyday wear.

Our wool dreads are available in a gigantic need of colours and lengths, so you have to obtain the ideal match on your hair. Each and every fear is fastidiously crafted using the crochet methodology, guaranteeing that it’s a ways each and every sturdy and versatile. This makes it easy to style and retain, so you have to well accumulate pleasure from your fresh hit upon weeks or even months on cease.

Wool dreads are ideal for somebody taking a success upon a low-upkeep hairstyle that accumulated packs a punch. They’re easy to devour and could be washed and dried simply fancy frequent hair. Moreover they’re gentle-weight and snug to wear, so you gained't even ponder they're there!

I glean personalized orders!
Processing time 1-3 industry days!
Worldwide transport 7-13 industry days!

We strongly imply including the Dreadlocks Care Shampoo Bar to your show. It is probably going you’ll well also resolve it here

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So why wait? Add some wool dreads to your sequence this day and let your hair develop the talking!


No Returns for Excellent Description:

We feel sorry about to articulate you that we develop no longer glean returns or provide refunds for dreads and dreadlock accessories if the product utterly fits the outline equipped on our web plan. This coverage ensures that customers win exactly what they depend on in accordance with the guidelines equipped prior to aquire.

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