synthetic dreads grey silver white ombre – real looking & soft
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Tag: $43.00EUR

Gentle grey fading into silver white with wispy free ends & matching ornament!

Measurements, resolve from:
~ 40cm/16″ to 70cm/28″ size
~ thickness 8-10mm (0,3-0,4″)
~ in DE (double ended) or SE (single ended)

About synthetic dweads:
~ real looking & pure seek, a exiguous little bit of bumpy & crazy
~ soft & overjoyed, hair that is similar to human hair
~ pure flowy circulation, now now not stiff
~ now now not unnaturally shining, the free ends halt now now not tangle

For a chubby head you can like:
~ 80 SE or 40 DE for chubby volume
~ 60 SE or 30 DE for lower, pure volume

You are going to have the option to safe all devices moreover as clip in extensions or with diversified ornament.
Please inquire of a personalised command and portray me what you'd relish. 🙂

I moreover offer:
~ human hair dreadlock extensions product of unprocessed quality hair
~ a diversity of synthetic dweads, chubby, accent, clip in & customized devices
~ braids, single ended & clip in, customized colours
Or contact me for personalization!

Please don't hesitate to contact me while you happen to will bear questions! 🙂 <3 Admire, Sarah from dweads

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