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Designate: $335.00USD

A NEW pattern within the sphere of dreadlocks!
This new invent of wavy dreadlocks is made of afrolokon field topic, nevertheless has the feature of reusable. Curly dreads residing of ash blonde dreadlocks and shades of grey braids will now not leave others detached. The residing is terribly female and must aloof perfectly complement each boho and casual seek for.

DE dreadlocks, complete residing. To utterly duvet your head, I suggest dreadlocks 60 DE (120 ends).
Weight: 300 grams. They’re light-weight, voluminous and reusable.
Dimension: 55-60 cm (21.5-23.5 inches).
Thickness: 0.5-0.8 cm (0.2-0.3 inches).
Subject cloth: 100% kanekalon, synthetic.
Bonus: I will add jewellery and beads to any narrate, this might increasingly now not delay the price.

I open creating your residing after ordering, so it takes us 4-5 days to get it. Most ceaselessly devices are in inventory, then I will send it the following day after ordering.
I employ free UPS Say starting up (within 5-10 work days).
We accept returns. I will refund or exchange for a irregular color or size within 30 days of receiving the package. I assemble now not return or exchange items which had been frail. The residing must contain customary packaging and be wrapped in a protecting safe.

▪ These kits are reusable and closing 6-8 weeks.
– To set up the residing, I suggest contacting a talented braiding artist. These dreadlocks are made of synthetic, 100% hypoallergenic field topic and assemble now not residing off hypersensitivity symptoms. Nonetheless careless set up of dreadlocks can residing off irritation of the scalp.
– When first styled, the dreadlocks seek for fancy hair, after 2-3 weeks they’ll snatch on the appearance of soppy curly dreadlocks and must aloof no longer swap their form. After the dreadlocks are fashioned, they’ll again you for a in point of truth lengthy time.
– The major few days after braiding assemble now not assemble excessive and thick hairstyles. This can residing off irritation to your scalp.
– To preserve curls as lengthy as imaginable, separate strands from every other 1 every 2-3 days, right here is important for the pure formation of curly dreadlocks. Halt now not employ a comb!
– If a curl is caught within the neighboring curl and it is far not in all probability to separate it by hand, in moderation natty this bridge between them with scissors. It is rapid to gain the curls at evening in a free braid or below a sleeping cap to lead sure of knots.
▪ Dreadlocks might per chance moreover be washed by hand with shampoo. I suggest washing your hair as soon as every 7-8 days with shampoo foam. Rinse your dreadlocks with a good deal of water. Wrap them in a towel (with out reducing your head) and predicament the towel for your shoulder so that wet dreadlocks assemble now not overwhelm your hair.
▪ Whenever you happen to want to contain to dry your hair roots with a hair dryer, employ the cool mode of the hair dryer.

I’m chuffed to acknowledge to any questions and present extra photos if essential. I will recognize about the excessive review of the usual of the work. It is a necessity for me that you just procure a high quality product that meets your expectations.

I seek for forward to getting ingenious particular for you ❤️

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