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Label: $4.95GBP

*****The Fright Bead Store******

★ This itemizing is for regarded as one of these heavenly steel silver tone spiral motif awe beads. Skillfully handcrafted in India.

★ Gap Measurement 9mm in diameter, Width 8mm.

★ Decide how many you'd devour by utilizing the descend down menu.

★ We possess now a critical series of other brass, steel, wood and polymer clay beads in the shop…

The Fright Bead Store ships WORLDWIDE from the UK. Establish postage charges for every nation.

***~~No extra fee for bigger than one merchandise……buy even 100 and the postage fee will consistently be the identical!!~~***

★★★★ Note on instagram and fb @thedreadbeadshop for the total most up-to-date goings on, gash sign codes and giveaways ★★★★

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