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Stamp: $15.00USD

Eazynappy Sample Locs

This record is for anybody who would cherish to assess the quality, size, size and texture of our loc extensions. We have confidence that in describe to determine what loc will splendid fit your rush, a sample loc establish will be supreme.

Our Sample locs contain, one loc with diverse widths hoping on the sample establish you in deciding

Current locs

▪️XSmall (.04 cm wide)
▪️Little (.06 cm wide)
▪️Medium (.08 cm wide)
▪️Expansive(Sharpie) (1 cm wide)

Anwi Textured locs

▪️Mini (.02cm wide)
▪️Micro(0.25&0.3cm wide)
▪️XSmall (.04 cm wide)
▪️Little (.06 cm wide)
▪️Medium (.08 cm wide)
▪️Expansive (1 cm wide)

Any Sample Loc establish you in deciding will be shipped 3- 5business days after describe is positioned.

Incase of customized sample locs attain out to us.

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