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Wheat blonde Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions Single Ended Dreadlocks Right Human Hair 37-42cm / 14.5-16,5″ Size, 5-6mm / 0.2″ Thick Human hair dreadlocks made from staunch human hair with loop

The wheat blonde shade exudes a warm and sun-kissed vibe, paying homage to golden fields and magnificent sunshine. These pure hair shades might bear so much of tones, including depth and dimension to your total search.
Handcrafted with meticulous care, these dreadlocks are created the utilization of most effective a hook and comb methodology, without the utilization of any wax or chemicals. This ensures that you receive a high of the diversity product that’s protected to your hair and scalp.

Whenever you happen to want custom living, please contact us!

COLOR AND TONING: Dreadlocks made from human hair might perchance be dyed!
These apprehension extensions are made from one of the best doubtless quality human hair. They’d be dyed, bleached or colored with educated hair dye. (We recommend consulting with a colour specialist earlier than coloring your dreadlocks)

CARE: Wash your dreadlocks with shampoo as usual.
On a regular basis rolling your palm with downward stress will serve shape the dreadlock and forestall monstrous compression. “rolling the palm”, namely when the dreadlocks are wet after washing. (this helps retain your dreadlocks in correct shape, namely in the first few months)
Human hair extensions can change into extra dehydrated than your bear hair, so we suggest the utilization of a conditioning spray or conditioning oils if needed. Treat prolonged, flowing ends correct similar to you are going to regular hair.

Please present that as these dreadlocks are made from pure human hair, they’re going to bear tiny diversifications in tone. We bear now equipped photos taken in pure light to give you a nearer concept of the colour. Whenever you happen to might bear any relate colour requests or would in actuality like a customized living, please don't hesitate to realize out to us.

Comprise your individuality and elevate your style with our Wheat Blonde Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions this day!

Whenever you happen to might bear any questions or would in actuality like a custom living, please message us.

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